Norman Raine at The Sydney Works Studio, 2015.


Admittedly, this is one of the most difficult shots I've ever had to take not least because Norman Raine is what I'd call 'a real photographer', an 'old school' craftsman who's now switched to digital cameras, and to start talking photography with the man is a pretty spellbinding experience really. After rejecting a shot I'd initially chosen to represent him, I then told him about this one, describing how the camera was the primary object of focus, and that he was in the background, blurred. 'Perfect', he said. That is how I'd sum Norman up - completely unassuming and out to impress nobody - he expresses himself entirely through what he loves through the lens, and his love of the medium is when he becomes animated in the descriptions and stories of his shots, and the adventures in getting them. The shots speak volumes in themselves. To me, and many a judge whom awarded him the numerous commendations and prizes he has won internationally, his work is truly sublime. The camera is a machine, and no setting on it, or within it is off limits to realising an effect, or a composition he reacts to in the mind's eye toward achieving it. The image he wants from the subject he desires is a process of marrying a selected lens with a result he has in mind through the machine in his hands... and then getting it.

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