The Studio at the  former pottery works building, 'Sidney Works' on Sutherland Road in history soaked Longton town.            

   Welcome to the new home of ....

   The Aynsley Sydney works building of 1879 is a part of the Aynsley China Works (Northern Range) on Sutherland Road in the historic town of Longton, Stoke-On-Trent. ST3 1HT.

   An Architectural description of the building exists in Nikolaus    Pevsner's 'Buildings of England' Staffordshire chapter thus: Opposite Aynsley's are the SYDNEY WORKS of 1879, and they are not under the Georgian spell any longer. The motifs of the central frontispiece are vaguely Italian and entirely Victorian.

   He also writes ' Longton has, to date, for the time being - preserved more of the Georgian or Georgian-type pottery offices and warehouses and more of the kilns than the other towns in the potteries.'

   I am rather proud to have a working space in this history-soaked building, and more so as I am as passionate as I am involved in soaking up the story of my family origins in this world reknowned conurbation of six towns.

   In order to respect other artists who work there, the building is not open to members of the public but if you wish to visit, and view the works in this shop please do not hesitate to call me on 07821 659 547 to arrange an appointment to view.

   I also accept commissions and we can discuss the scope of work and price here.